My name is Joseph, and I have been practicing web development for about 7 years. I loved it so much I went to University to get a bachelors degree in Computer Science. I will be pursuing my Masters as well. I have always loved learning new things and challenging my mind. Wether it was calculting gravity in my studio solving a general 3rd degree polynomial under radicals on my closet sliding glass door I have always been a nerd. My first programming language was Java at Cave of Programming on YouTube. I learned the basics of Java and OOP. I started my journey in web development with a simple HTML animation, moving a div across the screen. I was hooked. I have been learning ever since. I have worked with many different technologies and frameworks: Java, C#, C++, SQL, Python, and ofcourse JavaScript. My goto frameworks are .NET Core and React and Svelte.

Something to know about me, is I always sweat the details. Probably because the bug is usually in the details. I am always control clicking through the code to see what types and methods are and why the code does what it does. I am always looking for ways to improve my code and make it more readable and maintainable. I always throw code away, and I love to start over. It builds muscle memory and I learn something new every time. You learn by doing and doing it again. I love archietecture and design patterns, I use them like weapons when battling an implementation. If I continue my eduacation, my thesis will be on cryptography and Zero Knowledge Proofs. I am very interested in the future of internet security and privacy. I am also interested in the future of web development frameworks and how they will evolve. I think signals and islands are the future of web development.

Plans for the future? I want to start a YouTube channel. I love to share what I have learned and I want to inspire others to learn and grow. I am in love with what I do, and I want to share that with others and help them find their passion. I want to build a community of like minded people and for all of us to grow together. You can find me on Twitter @tanglesites. And I am also on GitHub at tanglesites-git.